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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

New Post - The means of production return to the people - Independent publishing.

Yesterday I read in a news magazine, This Week, that in 2015, 300,00 books were published by corporate publishing companies, but 700,00 were independently published!!!  It struck me that the new way that individual were taking back the means of production from the Big Business, through independent enterprise are all around us.  My daughter has an air-b&b room in Brooklyn and hipsters from Europe who want to live amongst the bohemians of 2017, come there to stay rather than an overpriced hotel.  

And when a friend went with me to the train station to pick up my daughter recently, we were laughing and admiring a guy who looked like Charlie Chaplin who was lovingly polishing every inch of his BMW Uber taxi.  So there is Uber, Lyft, Air-B&B an my independently published memoir surfing the new wave.

If you remember Future Shock, and Mega Trends, I always was interested in the books that talked about the waves of the future, and now I am seeing the ones I have read about in my own life.  Even this blog is part of the trend towards individual power.  I didn't need to get hired by a newspaper or a magazine to speak on things of interest.  Blogspot empowered me to find and fill my own niche.  

Happy Trails!  whether in the woods, the park, or thought trails!

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