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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Time to visit Duffy's for Easter Bunnies

Well, it is time to visit Duffy's Chocolates in Gloucester City, on Broadway, near Hudson Street.

For 30 years I have bought chocolate bunnies and eggs with my siblings and daughters, nephews and nieces names on them there. In fact, today, I will be stopping at Duffy's and then Verccio's on the Brooklawn circle for porch flowers and hanging plants.  

Duffy's is an institution in these parts.  You could get drunk on the smell of the chocolate, all items made on the premises in this old traditional family store.  The closer to Easter, though, the better the chance you'll wait in a line - it is a very popular shop.

I hope you stop in, it will take you back in time.

Whenever I go to Verccio's I am struck by the overwhelming bounty of our land, especially New Jersey, which though the new crop seems to be housing developments, is still a garden state.  They have the BEST prices on produce, if you can buy in quantity, which I can't being unable to use the amounts in the units they sell, and the best prices on plants in season.  For several years I have bought the most exuberant ferns imaginable there for $10, for my porch.  I am very fond of ferns.

Happy Easter!
Here comes Peter Cottontail, Hopping down the Bunny TRAIL!
Jo Ann

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