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Monday, April 24, 2017

Went to Genealogy Lecture at Camden County Historical Center yesterday, 4/23/17

I with I had been able to her the lecture some years ago when I was wandering around web sites and buying books and magazines as a beginner in family history.  It was very comprehensive on a middle level and helpful.

There were from 25 to 30 people present and I ran into an old pal from my volunteer days at the Whitall House, Red Bank Battlefield, Harry Schaeffer, who is also a Sons of American Liberty Member at Red Bank.  He is also doing the 10,000 steps app so we headed over to Knight Park, in Collingwood and got in another 5,000 steps.  I still only made it to 7,800.

Going to the lecture made me think of Joe Laufer and how he enriched so many lives in the Local History world.  He passed away a couple of years ago after holding many positions in the Burlington County History world.  The event that he hosted that I liked so much was the Burlington County Historians' Roundtable.

All the people from different historical sites met once a month at a different site in Burlington and at the start of each meeting these unofficial or official representatives would tell the group what was going on in their area.  It opened so many doors for me.  I visited places I would never have known about like the Red Dragon Canoe Club, and the Chesterfield Meeting House.  

Now I find I miss a lot of things I would have liked to attend because I don't know about them.  For example, Harry told me he had been to Gabriel DAveis Tavern the day before where they held an Black Powder encampment.  I missed that because I didn't know about it.  Heaven knows I try to keep up but there is no central posting like the Roundtable where you can find a listing of everything that's going on.  Next time I see Harry, I'll have to ask how he found out about the Daveis Tavern event.  

Good Walking weather so I hope you were outside in Nature on Earth Day!  I celebrated it with my best walking buddy, Trixie, at Knight Park where we go every day to visit the trees and the ponds, the birds and the beauty

Happy Trails!
Jo Ann

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