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Friday, August 30, 2013

CCC Begins, March 31st 1933 & Peter J. Maguire Memorial

From the Sithsonian Magazine, March, 2008, Page 18
"On March 31, 1933, FDR signs on the CCC. . . 3 million men ages 17 - 28 plant 3 billion trees, lay 97,000 miles of road an drain 84 million acres of farm land in 9 years."

I've lost this copy of the magazine and tried to find it on-line with no luck.  I found a March issue for that year but there was nothing listed in it about the CCC, so I started to doubt myself about which issue it was - no matter, the facts remain. 

I have mentioned that I have a book called Utopia, New Jersey:  Travels in the Nearest Eda, Perdita Buchan.  I heard her speak at the Samuel Azziz Museum in the synagogue at Woodbine one summer and bought the book which I seriously enjoyed.  You can get this book at amazon.com second hand for $5.
.  Albert Einstein was a supporter of the program and the town which was named Roosevelt after President Roosevelt died in 1945.  Artist Ben Shahn painted a mural which can be seen in the local public school, though I haven't visited or seen it myself.  I'd like to, some day.

There was opposition from the Garment workers Union as well as the usual political fighting over spending and the project faltered.  Today about 800 people live in what has become seomthing of a small artists' colony.  It is in the National and NJ Register of Historic Places and I understand there is a dvd documentary from 1983 about it.  I have not been able to find the flm in vhs or dvd format.  Images of the mural can be found on the internet however!

Next blog entry will be on Parvin State Park!
Today my friends and I are off to Wildflowers for Vegan lunch (the Black bean burger is delicious) then to the Maurice River Boat Cruise with Capt. Dave.  Hope you have a fun plan too!  If not, look through my blogs and you'll be sure to find a fun day trip to start off the Labor Day Weekend.

We have not only fairer Labor practices thanks to Peter J. Maguire, a pioneer in the Labor Movement, but the Labor Day holiday we celebrate this weekend.  Peter J. Maguire's grave is in Arlington Cemetary, Pennsauken, NJ and there is a nice memorial setting.  In years past, I've made it a point to visit his grave during Labord Day and perhaps this year I'll get over there too!

Happy Trails, Jo Ann   wrightj45@yahoo.com

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