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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Eating Out Vegan Style at the Villas

I had two interesting vegetarian/vegan experiences this week.  On Friday, I drove to the Villas (a very interesting housing/architecture subject for some time in the future) to visit my cousin Patty, who is in her third summer there.  After her mother passed away and left her the little house, her husband also died, so she pulled up stakes in Pa. and headed for the shore in NJ.  The house is charming and the location near the Bay is beautiful.  Because it is a suburb, it doesn't get clogged with traffic the way Cape May does, and we have found many interesting places to walk nearby.
I blogged about Cox Hall Creek before, it is a recovered golf course - a fascinating botanical experiment to see what grows when you let the tortured earth return to its chosen state.  I hiked there eyars ago when it was still grassy and looked like a recovering golf course.  Now it looks more like a natural woods/meadow.   There is a beautiful lake there with a tiny island and a gazebo - very picturesque.  We couldn't see the lake or much of the park last time because it was raining, but I believe I did put in a little history.  I have a photo that I will post later on today when I get home from Timber Creek Park. 
Another hiking family we met there told me that there is a Civil War site not far from there  but it was hot and I had nothing tow write with so I will wait and hope they get in touch with me by e-mail with more info.
Or, I might try to track it down via google.
Also, for my day-tripper readers I wanted to mention a fine place to eat, Harpoon Henry's at 91 Beach drive, N. Cape May 609-886-5529.  Of the many things I like about Harpoon Henry's, we sat outside on a patio where dogs were allowed.  It was far far too hot for Trixie to remain in the car while we ate lunch, so this was a great benefit.  And they were so kind there - the waitress brought a tin pail of water for Trixie.  Whenever we human gal pals go to lunch, I always buy a special treat for Trixie at Wawa, this time it was Chef Boyardee spaghetti and meatballs.  Mainly I pick something with the kind of pkg. that she can eat from.

My friend Gail, and cousin Patty, enjoyed sharing a "half foot" of onion rings, and I had a vegetarian selection - a veggie burger.  They had other vegetarian and healthful choices too, salads, and a nice selection of sides and appetizers such as a humms dish, where we vegan/vegetarians usually browse in restaurants that don't offer meatless choices.  That is getting to be more and more rare, however, as my generation ages and grows wiser and eats more with a more health conscious and environmentally friendly point of view.  The restaurants follow.
Tomorrow I'll post photos from Cox Hall Creek Park and also I'll post on the Vegan Picinic in West Chester that I attended with two friends on Saturday.
Off to Timber Creek Park, now.  Happy Trails! 
Jo Ann

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