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Monday, August 19, 2013

Vercchio's and a Compliment August 19, 2013

My daughter visited my blog today.  She is the filmmaker I mentioned in an earlier blog who is traveling the country filming interviews and music with contemporary museicians and tying it into the roots of our music world.  It is called "The 78 PROJECT."  She sent me an update from their expedition to Louisiana, then she visited my blog and sent this comment:
"I checked out your blog.  That's an amazing picture of the cranberry harvest.  Is that new?  I'm really impressed with your page views, too.  You've got a lot of people looking at your work, you should definitely keep up the pace on it! It's going to stand as a great document on the preservation of culture in New Jersey (it's something we talk to EVERYONE about while we're out filming.  what are the people in their world doing to integrate history and their heritage into their day to day lives. In Louisiana, all the young people are learning French again and speaking it at home. Love,Lavinia"

That gives me such inspiration. 

Meanwhile two places caught my attention today.  I went to Vercchio's Produce Market on the Brooklawn Circle right off Route 130.  I only needed Pine Barrens honey and some blueberries but my sister bought a huge cart of a great variety of fruits and vegetables.  She has a family and she cooks .  It's just me and the cats and dogs here (they don't eat much produce) and I eat mostly fresh and raw - salads and cereal, and so on.  Anyhow I was struck again with the enormous bounty of our state.  Such beautiful and perfect fruits and vegetables and so cheap!  We live in paradise!

Along with the observation on fruit, I have been struck (not literally, but nearly) by the variety of nuts falling around us out of the trees right now.  It is easy to crunch right over them in parking lots and on park trails without stopping to look at them and try to imagine what they are.  I picked up 4 varieties of nuts from Big Timber Creek and a parking lot outside of the Gloucester County Historical Society Library in the last couple of days.  I'm thinking of an experiment to plant them and see what comes up next spring.  I may take a photo first, though.

A final note:  I worked a couple of hours in the Museum Room at Whitall House at Red Bank Battlefield yesterday.  It was our 3rd Sunday of the month Field Day and our theme was TEA.  We had a tea expert giving a tea in the kitchen, and a table set for tea in the great room.  My duty was to explain the battle in the museum room, so I didn't talk much about tea, although as we all know it was so much at the heart of the beginning of our Revolution.  I'm going to check to see when the Tea Burning Commemoration at Greenwich is held this year.  More on that later .  We had a good crowd on Sunday. 

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