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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Higbees Beach, Cape May, NJ Dog Friendly!

The spcial day trip of the week was to Higbee Beach, near Cape May, New Jersey
West End of New England Road, Cape May, NJ
Phone: (609) 628-2436

Higbee Beach is famous to "Birders" because it is in the migratory corridor of spring and fall migrating birds .  Of course, this is the end of summer, so we were there for another reason, Higbee Beach is a place you can take your dog!  My friend, Barbara Spector and I, along with my canine companion of 8 months,  Trixie, drove down on a lovely day to enjoy the beach and the view of the ferries going between Delaware and New Jersey.  We stopped to pick up my cousin Patty on the way to the beach.  The water was very warm - so warm it made me nervous, not to mention the large quantity of dead creatures floating in it like a seafood stew, baby horshoe crabs, jellyfish, and even a baby turtle!

Nonetheless, we enjoyed wading, and watching the big boats and it was Trixie's first trip to the seashore.
There was no traffic because we went on a weekday.  Also, it is not a crowded beach and the people are friendly.

My cousin Patty, by the way, lives in the Villas, formerly known as the Milman estates in the 1920's when first built.  They are little gems and very reasonable in price and taxes.  You couldn't do better at the seashore.  And, neither my cousin, who has lived there for 3 years nor her mother, who lived there for about 15 years, has ever experienced storm damage or flooding, though my cousin has been evacuated twice.

Tomorrow, I'm off to hike at Batsto.  I've missed the woods and I'm meeting a friend, Babara Solem, and an aquaintance, Wes, a volunteer at Batsto.  He is interested in some research I did for a presentation on the Civilian Conservation Corps in New Jersey.  I gave the presentation a couple of years back in the summer lecture series of the Pinelands Preservation Alliance.  I'm happy for my work to be of use to someone.  I believe Wes may be considering a book on the CCC in NJ - a valuable and fascinating topic!
Happy Trails, Jo Ann

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