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Friday, February 28, 2014

A Great Day in Mount Holly

The Robin's Nest Restaurant is on 2 Washinton Street, Mount Holly.  Drive by and turn the corner and in a block yhou will find a parking lot.  In the parking lot there is an antique store called FINDERS KEEPERS.  It is charming and historic.  It is the "oldest in its original location" in the very old town.  It was built in 1744.  The front door, on the street side, is original.  The back door on the parking lot side is open and you should go in.
My favorite thing there was a double clerk desk! 
My lunch at the Robin's Nest was delicious.  I had a salad, as usual, but it was topped with breaded and pan seared goat cheese.  The soup was heavenly.  It was sweet potato soup and I have never tasted a better soup anywhere.
The decor at the Robin's Nest is delightful and it is a favorite lunch spot for me and all my friends.  Unfortunaetley, I stopped to look at the bakery items as my friend was taking half a dozen cookies home to her father.  So I HAD to have an oatmeal cookie and a chocolate chip cherry cookie - it is unfortunate because I'm trying to 'slim' as the old term goes.  This week they had a St. Patrick's day parade in town, which I missed due to a prior engagement for lunch and a movie.  I also missed the Battle of Iron Works Hill which was in December and it is a favorite historic event for me as a Revolutionary War = gosh I don't know what to call myself - I guess a 'student' as it seems frivolous to say a 'fan' of something as horrible as war, glorious though the result may have been.
Lots of things going on in Historic Mount Holly and a great brochure to all the historic buildings and events available in most shops.
Hope you get a chance to go there and enjoy!
Happy Trails,
Jo Ann
ps.  Tomorrow, I'll post some pics

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