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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mullica Hill for Valentines

Well, neither snow nor sleet nor hail could keep me indoors one more day.  With a guilty nod to my dog, I headed out to Mullica Hill with a friend of mine.  We had lunch at the Blue Plate, which I love and which features a number of good vegetarian selections.  My friend, Gail, had quiche with a nice salad, and I jumped the healthy eating ship and went for the pmpkin crumble pancakes.  The weather made me do it.  It is such a cozy and friendly place to eat.
The Red Mill Antique Center
I like to play the favorites game at places like antique stores because I'm trying to avoid buying more stuff.  So whoever I'm with and I pick our favorite stuff, not necessarily to buy.  My favorite stuff was the array of media, radios, record players and such.  But I did buy something anyhow, an adorable, if every so slightly damaged fat cat cookie jar.  First, it looks like a fat cat who lives with me, and second, I just liked the shape of it and even the damage, that showed it was used and loved.  After the years are passed over us, we all have some cracks and dings. 

Just as we left charming Mullica Hill, the sleet and snow were starting up again.  But it was delightful to get out of the house, even though I had to face the disappointed dog when I got home.  In a few minutes I'll be making it up to her by taking her on a hike with my hiking pal, Barb Specto, at a local place where she lives.  I can't give you a location, because it is in the back of a houing development called Hunter's Glen, I think.  It is a bike trail that leads for more than a dozen miles.  The woods are just too slushy and the thick crusted snow with frozen layers make it too hard to walk even for my dog.  So we are opting for this bike trail which I am told is clear.
Happy Trails!

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