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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow, Feb. 13, 2014

Well, I was lucky today, I had mentioned to one of my best friends that if anyone came around to shovel, please give them my address and she did.
As you may know from my bio, I was a teacher in Gloucester City for 32 years, that's a lot of kids.  One of them was doing Dorothy's shoveling and when she mentioned me, he said I had been his Art teacher.  Turned out he was one of the good ones.  So those fellows came over and dug me out, just in time for the next storm, I guess.
If you need shoveling or any kind of home repair:
856-281-4335 Will Tool Construction
So many of my friends are at an age now where shoveling is back for the back, or the heart, or the hands or wrist or any of a number of other parts, not to forget knees that it is a good thing to have a list of number to call.  Their business card says they are certified and insured.  They were very reasonable for my job.  For the steps, drive, sidewalk and car clean off, it was $60 (but that may have been the 'friends and family discount' and 'my old teacher' discount, too. 

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