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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Model Railroad Update & more

Two items for today - I finished my model railroad set-up for this year.  It is wacky and no serious model railroader would be able to look at it without a sneer.  I must have 5 different sizes of soldiers, houses,  animals and multiple periods from wood to plastic but it gives me a great deal of pleasure.  Next I have to cover my oatmeal box tunnel with some rock paper that I wil print out off the computer. 

My houses, people and soldiers are mostly from Germany circa 1970, bought when I lived there at Heilbronn Am Neckar, the wife of a then-soldier.  I bought them at the Nurnburg Christmas Fair.  I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas in German but I realized I no longer remmeber how to spell Christmas in German:  Frolihe Weinachten?

If you want to respond with proper German spelling, wrightj45@yahoo.com

Note:  the Barrington Coffee House on Clements Bridge Rd. in Barrington,  is open again under new management.  I was just there last week on an unexpected additional Birthday celebration with an old yoga pal.  We used to go to the Barrington Coffee House after our work-outs and yoga classes at the Royal Court Gym, but I am no longer at member of the gym and, for a time, the coffee house was closed.  I wish them the best of luck for the future - it is a charming coffee shop and they had a delightful Christmas decoration with a village and train set in the window!!

I know, there is still Thanksgiving coming and I'm stepping on the toes of that holiday with Christmas talk- so be safe and happy on your holiday travels and check back in for a review of Thanksgiving at the Centerton Inn in Elmer, where I have reservations fo rmyself and a pal.  I am a vegetarian but I'm sure I can find enough to eat on the side and if I get a turkey dinner, I'll bring home the turkey for my meat eating dog and most wonderful animal companion, Trixie the Labaraner.

Happy Trails and Rails - Jo Ann

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