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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Spread Eagle Tavern is no more

As I do not drink alcohol, I was only in the Spread Eagle Tavern once and that was to buy a six pack for my visiting father who did drink alcohol.  Other members of my family, however, had been in the Spread Eagle, mainly when the family was gathered at my home for a family get-together.  In fact, my father liked to joke that the Spread Eagle was the only bar he was ever "kicked out of forever."  He never knew exactly what it was that he did, but it was back in the days when the bar was run by an elderly woman who was known to be somewhat 'touchy.'  It may have been that my father, or my brother, Joe, both of whom have had serious hearing losses due to military service, my father in the navy in World War II, followed by a career as an ironworker (both things very damaging to the hearing) and my brother from his service as a marine in Vietnam.  Their hearing loss makes them speak in loud voices.  
Generally, however both, were cheery and generous men.

My father passed away two years ago.  I would have called him on the phone today to tell him that the Spread Eagle had been demolished, and he would have told me again how it was the only bar he'd ever been kicked out of 'forever!'  We would have had a good laugh over it.

Although I did search over the internet, I couldn't find any background information on when the Spread Eagle was built, but I did find a facebook page with a sad goodbye from the most recent owner, Jack Cain.  When the elderly woman who kicked out my father and brother died, she left the bar to Jack.  Apparently, it fell on hard times because I saw that the a division of taxation attempted (unsuccessfully) to sell the property a year ago.  
The only other thing I found was a revi"ew that called it a "dive with a bad bathroom."  I didn't use the bathroom and most bars seem like dives to me since I don't drink and have no prior habit of the 'congenial watering hole' in my personal experience.  Anyhow, it was sad to see the demolishing.  We've lost the Harwan Theater and the Spread Eagle in the past few years.  
Happy Trails, Jo Ann
ps.  I may stop in at the Borough Hall and see what I can find out about the history of the Spread Eagle, so this subject may stay open.

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