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Monday, November 18, 2013

Upper Pittsgrove, Elmer, and Pittsgrove

Those towns and their founders were the subject of Bonnie Beth Elwell's talk at the last Salem County Genealogy Meeting at Friends Village in Woodstown.  It was also a book signing for the Arcadia book Bonnie has written of the same name.  There is an interesting write-up and some good photographs of the The Old Centerton Inn.

Many of you have no doubt passed the Centerton Inn on your ramblings throughout the South of New Jersey.  I've eaten there a few times but it was years ago.  After attending Bonnie's lecture, and discussing Thanksgiving plans with a friend, we decided to make reservations at the Centerton for dinner that day.
It was a toss up between the Centerton Inn and the Sugar Hill Inn, another historic house favorite in Mays Landing.  The Thanksgiving holiday dinner is $22 and reservations are almost filled up.  We had to take the 1:30 slot which is a bit early but that's okay.  We might wander around Mullica Hill afterwards.

No doubt I'll be posting before Thanksgiving, but it's a good time to start listing things to be grateful for, health, friends, family, the good fortune to live in America and in this wonderful part of New Jersey, and to live in a time with so many technological and other kinds of innovations.  I'm grateful for my car and the my washer and dryer to name just a few - let's not forget electricity and the new LED Christmas Lights - my sister forced me into a turn over away from my big bulb strands and into the new world of LED!  And as it is going to get colder again starting tomorrow, I'm grateful for my heater!

Get your reservations if you are eating on your own this Thanksgiving (and not with family) and consider either of those two excellent restaurants if you are looking for a place!

Happy Trails, Rails and Meals, Jo Ann

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