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Monday, November 11, 2013

Railroad Days in Bordentown

Yesterday, Sunday, November10th, I drove to Bordentown to see the train displays.  First I visited the Methodist church on Farnsworth, where they had  large trains on a charming display platform.  There were lots of people and it was very cheerful.  The giant trains ran around villages glittering with snow sparkles and lit from within and playing music box carols! 

However, I had misread the notice about the Railroad Days in Bordentown and I thought it was going to be 'N' gauge which is the gauge of the set I am picking up today (hopefully) at Mac's Trains on Black Horse Pike  for my birthday which is November 13th.  I asked around and found out the 'N' gauge display was at Christ's Church, Episcopal, on Prince Street.

It was only a couple of blocks away, easily a walking distance, though I drove.  Next year, I will plan to spend the day and have lunch in town and walk to all the display sites.  Christ's Church was a beautiful church with a lovely old cemetery behind it, and, a ravine with a train rail beside it.  There was a very extensive 'n' gauge set up there and some friendly young men, one in his late teens, I think, who told me he'd be working on trains since he was 3 years old!  The church itself brought back memories of my childhood pent in Episcopal churches on both sides of the rive.  My mother was a devout church woman and we were all often in the church kitchens setting up for functions.

I was both impressed and inspired by the train displays.  Naturally I took some photos but my dog is agitating for her walk, so I'll post the pictures when I get back in a couple of hours.  Railroad Days in Bordentown was an EXCELLENT idea and a charming marketing tool to bring visitors into an old historic town.

Happy RAILS!  Jo Ann

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